The name of this cozy family restaurant says "Amoutsi" means "good and cheap." The restaurant is run by Fotis and his family, the kitchen is run by his mother Stavrula and his father Dennis takes care of the products from his own garden such as vegetables, herbs, olive oil and wine. 


In this cozy restaurant you can be sure that all products are fresh. Traditional dishes from the island of Zakynthos are served such as fish, rabbit, lamb and chicken. 


As a vegetarian, you can of course also visit restaurant Amoutsi. A Zakyntian Greek evening with live music and lots of singing is organised every Friday and Wednesday. 


If that all gets too much, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink on the boulevard of Agios Sostis overlooking the sea. 

A few specialities of his Amoutsi are "Zakyntian rabbit" and "Zakyntian chicken ragout" both prepared according to traditional Zakynthos cuisine; The Amoutsi Pizza a delicious pizza according to your own recipe.


Another specialty is the "Meze", a number of small Greek snacks that are very suitable to be enjoyed with a glass of ouzo, of course it also tastes with other drinks.


You can also come to Amoutsi for delicious fresh fish dishes that are selected and purchased daily. A special children's menu has also been put together so that the children can also enjoy their own menu.


Openings times are:

Everyday from 9.30 for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Contact & Location:


Phone 00302695051818

Mobile  00306974665141

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